Hair Extensions 

Ameliore Hair Solutions Salon can transform your entire look in minutes with premium Hair U Wear wigs, "halo hair extensions" and Babe "tape in hair extensions. 

Heavenly hair isn't just for runway models and Hollywood starlets anymore. Get mega-watt length and volume in seconds with Hair U Wear 20" halo extension. Just slip it on like a headband and pull your own hair over it—the ingenious and inconspicuous design blends in seamlessly. The synthetic Tru2Life® fibers can be heat-styled to create any look. 

Choose from various lengths, curl, straightness and color. We color match to achieve the natural look then cut to fit your hair style. You can add contrasting color extensions for a dramatic look too!

• Hair Extensions can last 4 to 6 months
• Recommended Maintenance is every 4 to 6 weeks
• Your Free Consultation takes up to one hour, during which time you decide your new look, and your custom order is placed
• Within 2 weeks you will have your new hair extensions and a new you!

​​Wigs & Hair Pieces​

Ameliore Hair Solutions offers both Raquel Welch and Eva Gabor beautiful, quality wigs. Call for a Private Consultation and fitting.

Message from Raquel Welch:
​Most of the time when you look in the's all about your hair! Right? When my hair looks good, everything is right with the world. I think you know the feeling, but it doesn't happen often besides the times I wear wigs for filming or red carpet appearances, I have been wearing wigs in my personal life too...What a difference! Let's face it when a woman feels good about her hair she radiates beauty and confidence.

Since I started the Raquel Welch Wig Collection, I've witnessed enormous advances in technology that have allowed for countless improvements in the coloring, fibers, construction and wear-ability of our wig products...which means that they are lighter, more natural looking and more user friendly than ever before.

It is my aim to help you achieve whatever hair style you desire and to change your look and color on a whim...if you so choose. Women change their minds often, that's how we keep 'em guessing. So we should be able to change our hair at a moments notice. And it's easy!

What fun to be alive when the new age in wig making is keeping up with technology. It's a whole new world for today's woman and her hair. Join the fun and step into “the look” that you've always wanted...with one of my wigs. People will never know you are wearing one!​

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how young you look is ours ! 

Hair Replacement Solutions

Ameliore Hair Solutions in St. Joseph, MO offers non-surgical hair replacement alternatives to people experiencing hair loss so they can take back their life and regain their confidence. 

Non-surgical hair replacement is a growing trend for those who want to attack the problem of hair loss, but don’t want to have hair replacement surgery. Ameliore Hair Solution Center offers non-surgical hair replacement and laser restoration therapy , along with some of the finest in wigs, and hair extensions.

You can have the head of hair you have always wanted regardless of what it looks like now. The hair replacement specialists at Ameliore Hair Solutions use the latest in non-surgical hair replacement technologies, working with you to give you as much or as little hair as you want. Add a little at a time, or add it all back at once, the choice is yours. This non-invasive procedure is conducted by the highly trained stylists, and allows you to get your hair looking the way you want so you can take on the world full of confidence.

What is Hair Loss

True hair loss, or alopecia, occurs when an excessive number of hairs are lost over a short period of time, or when hairs are not replaced in a timely, full or healthy fashion.

​There are many medical causes for true hair loss:

• Androgenetic Alopecia
• Alopecia Areata
• Burns & Scars
• Cancer & Cancer Treatments
• Diabetes
• Hormonal Imbalances
• Thyroid disease
• Infection
• Lupus
• Malnutrition
• Medications & Medical Treatments
• Stress
• Trichotillomania & Other Illness

​​​Hair Replacement Systems 


Ameliore Hair Solutions offers the latest breakthrough technology in non-surgical hair replacement. A combination of technology and artistry, results in a natural looking and feeling integration of your own hair with supplementary hair. For a natural undetectable look, come in and see for yourself – Seeing is believing.

Here’s how our solutions work:

During your first visit, we’ll take time to discuss your personal hair replacement needs. Ameliore Hair Solution staff members will help you identify the best approach and answer your questions. This confidential appointment carries no obligation.

The first step
After your complimentary consultation, we take samples of your own hair and test each strand for color, hue, and texture to achieve the best possible match of supplemental hair.

New hair preparation
Our expert design consultants will examine your scalp and areas of thinning, and ask you questions to determine your desired length and style. Special consideration will be given to your height, age, weight, personality, career and lifestyle. Your new hair to look, feel and act just like your own existing hair.

Front hairline creation

Next we determine your desired length, style, your area of thinning and lifestyle will be factors in determining our choice of attachment. For very thin areas measuring more than two inches we will custom construct a feather light matrix of nylon fiber to fill in. This fiber which allows air flow to the scalp provides a base for the supplemental hair. Your added hair will be integrated perfectly, reflect light naturally and feel like your own hair.

Style and finish
AHS staff then cuts and styles your full head of hair to your specific taste. We offer a range of styling choices from traditional, conservative cuts to the most expressive contemporary styles. Our staff can even assist you in determining a new look.